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RIC Hearing Aids
Starting From 12999 per unit
ITE Hearing Aids
Starting from 12345 per unit
BTE Hearing Aids
Starting From 45999 per unit
Invisible Hearing Aids
Starting From 45999 per unit
CIC Hearing Aids
Starting From 15679 per unit
ITC Hearing Aids
Starting From 23999 per unit

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Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids
Water Resistant
Hearing Aids
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Are rechargeable hearing aids costly?

Prices of any hearing aid depends on the technology and power of the hearing aid. This falls true for rechargeable hearing aids as well. The standard rechargeable hearing aids also come in the low-price segment.

Who should you consult when you have hearing difficulties?

An audiologist is a professional who specialises in hearing care. Audiologists are the only professionals who can conduct thorough hearing examinations and correctly prescribe the right hearing aid for you.

How much do Ear Machines cost? 

Hearing aid prices vary by technology. We categorise Philips and Rexton hearing aids as primitive, basic, essential, standard, advanced, premium, and elite. 

Which are better, BTE (or) RIC?

Both BTE and RIC hearing aids are equally good hearing aids that serve different purposes. A BTE as well as a RIC hearing aid are used for severe to profound hearing loss. A BTE uses an ear tube and mould to transfer. 

What is Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids?

Modern hearing aids come with Bluetooth technology; so wearers can connect with their smart devices and stream music, phone calls, and watch TV.

Are CIC Hearing Aids suitable for me?

CIC hearing aids are suitable for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss. They are compact and fit completely inside the ear canal, making them virtually invisible from the outside. 

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